The following are a glossary of terms that are used in the process. While some of straightforward, some may have a slightly different meaning from other dioceses

Rector: The settled priest overseeing a parish congregation.

Vicar: The settled priest overseeing a mission congregation.

Priest-in-Charge: The priest called to oversee a parish or mission congregation for a defined period (usually 2 years) of discernment. At the end of this period, the congregation and priest mutually discern if the congregation will call the priest as Vicar or Rector.

Interim Rector or Vicar: The priest called to oversee a mission or parish congregation while they search for a settled rector. The Interim may not be called as the Rector or Vicar.

PT: Part time. We will typically specify the level of effort for these positions. Examples: PT .5 means Part-Time 20 hours of a 40 hour week, PT .75 means three-quarter’s time or 30 of 40 hours.

FT: Full time. This means a typical 40 hour work week.

Glossary of Terms