The following congregations are receiving names of potential candidates for Rector/Vicar/Priest-in-Charge. Please contact the Canon to the Ordinary to learn more about positions posted below. The Bishop’s Office will submit approved names for consideration by the Search Committee of the Congregation.
NOTE: We do a thorough red flag check on all applicants.

St. Paul’s, Port Townsend is receiving names for a 3/4 time Rector until August 31. You can find more about the priest they seek at their website.

St Andrew’s, Aberdeen seeks a PT Rector and is receiving names on a rolling basis. You can find more information about the priest they seek on St. Andrew’s website. Interested applicants should send a Cover Letter addressed to the Search Committee, Resume, and Office of Transition Ministry Profile to the Rev. Cn. Arienne Davison, Canon to the Ordinary.

Congregations Receiving Names